Rome 2 Total War: Pontus playable faction revealed - screen

Release date news coming "soon"

Sega has announced Pontus as the ninth playable faction in Rome 2: Total War.

Joining the Roman, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni, Suebi, Parthia and Egypt factions previously revealed, Pontus is profiled on the Total War Wiki.

Here's a description: "Hailing from the mountainous lands around the Black Sea, The Kingdom of Pontus is distinctly eastern in outlook and attitude. Resolute in battle and feared for its swift, deadly scythed chariots, Pontus stands poised to sweep South into the Arabian Lands, or West, to threaten Asia and Greece."


Sega says game content is now locked for Rome 2: Total War's release, but that the Pontus faction will be introduced as a day one DLC drop. It also teased plans to reveal the Rome 2: Total War release date "soon".

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