How very rude! Eight of the sweariest games

Wash their virtual mouths out with soap

Swearing has become increasingly prevalent in entertainment today, be it in films, on television or in our favourite video games. However, some releases take profanity to the next level, featuring enough bad language to make a docker blush. We've picked out eight of the most offensive titles for your perusal, let us know the most potty-mouthed games you've played in the comments below.



Although this was the fifth and most recent game released in the House of the Dead series, it was actually set before events of the other games to serve as a prequel to the overall story. Players once again took control of Agent G, who was teamed up with foul-mouthed newcomer Detective Isaac Washington, as they blasted their way through hoards of mutants in pursuit of evil crime lord Papa Caesar.

In a departure from the presentation of previous entries in the series, developers Headstrong Games went with a grindhouse style for Overkill, which meant grimy camera filters, lots of blood and guts, and more swearing than you could shake a stick at. The stall was set out early when Washington punched G in the face during the opening cutscene, exclaiming "What's up, motherf**ker?" before the floored agent replied "What the f**k was that for?"

Throughout the game Agent G tended to play the straight man, making witty quips and comebacks while Detective Washington preferred to swear every time he opened his mouth. When he wasn't turning the air blue with a string of bad language he was dishing out threats to rip off the genitals of his enemies, regardless of whether his taunt matched their actual gender.

In fact, there was so much swearing in the House of the Dead: Overkill that in 2009 the recently created Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition awarded it the record for "most swearing in a video game". After checking the script officials found no less than 189 instances of the word 'f**k', which equated to around one per minute of the three hour campaign and formed three percent of all words spoken in the game!



Set during the '40s and '50s in the fictional American city of Empire Bay, Mafia II followed the exploits of Vito Scaletta as he tried to rise up from a humble street thug to become a made man. Players started out doing lowly jobs such as selling stolen cigarettes on the street before working their way up to more important assignments including jewellery heists and assassinations.

It seemed that developers 2K Czech took a lot of inspiration for their dialogue from organised crime films such as Goodfellas and shows like The Soparanos, as the level of cursing in the game's dialogue was off the scale. Almost every sentence delivered seemed to drop the f-bomb, be it from the mobsters themselves, the police chasing them down and even the casual passers by in the street.

The level of swearing attracted the attention of entertainment site Rooster Teeth, who tried to put together a video cataloguing every "f**k" uttered in the game to see if it beat The House of the Dead: Overkill's record, but stopped when they reached 200 with 3-4 chapters still to play. Guinness duly stepped in to review the 75,000-word script and found a grand total of 397 f**ks, more than double the previous record, and the cursing crown passed to Mafia II.

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