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Nintendo selling refurbished 3DS units for $129 in US

Officially refurbished portables "guaranteed to be fully functional" with one year warrantee

Nintendo of America is selling cut-price refurbished handheld consoles directly from its official site.


A 3DS - currently offered in Aqua Blue and Midnight Purple trims - can be had for $129.99, which represents a $40 discount on the cost of a brand new unit. Nintendo's also offering Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time bundles for $169.98.

DSi XL consoles are also on offer, starting from $99 standalone, or $129.98 with a copy of Mario Kart DS.

While you might be dubious of buying refurbished consoles from third party retailers, Nintendo says these consoles are "guaranteed to be fully functional", with only the possibility of "minor cosmetic blemishes".

"Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products are the only refurbished products in the market that have been cleaned, tested, and inspected to meet Nintendo's high standards," says Nintendo.

They also come with the same one-year warrantee that you get with brand new consoles.