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Daring to be different: Ten of the weirdest games

People remember your game, when you're strange

Whether you're shooting waves of soldiers on a foreign battlefield or raiding dungeons for precious artifacts, most games tend to fall into well defined and established categories. But every now and then a title comes along that breaks the mould, to offer players a unique and unusual experience. We've picked out ten of the weirdest games, let us know the strangest ones you've played in the comments below.



The premise to rhythm game Vib-Ribbon was as simple as the monochrome vector graphics that made up your character, a female rabbit called Vibri. While moving along a ribbon on screen players had to press the corresponding buttons to vault over the four different types of obstacle (blocks, loops, waves and pits) that were dynamically generated in your path according to the music playing.

As difficulty increased these obstacles combined, meaning that two buttons for the component parts needed to be pressed simultaneously to continue along the ribbon. Hit the barriers and you'd first degenerate into a frog, followed by a worm before finally being defeated, whereas if you cleared enough obstacles without taking damage you'd ascend to become a fairy princess.

Interestingly Vib-Ribbon was loaded into the console's memory, which meant players could remove the game disc and swap the quirky original J-Pop soundtrack for any CD they liked. The heavier the music was the more difficult the ribbon became to navigate, making any Metal album a worthy adversary for the rhythmic rabbit.



With Suda51 at the helm this was always going to be a strange story, set to a backdrop of uneasy tension following the abolition of international conflict. Players took control of the "killer7", a group of seven assassins that were all physical manifestations of Harman Smith, a wheelchair-bound old man who used his "Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon" to conjure them up.

Then there were your enemies, the "Heaven Smiles", sent by a terrorist group made up of people infected with a virus that made them want to kill. The Smiles you faced off against were produced in factories and fitted with bombs, which they could detonate as their main form of attack when they got too close.

Although this was an action adventure the control scheme was more like that of an on rails shooter, restricting the third-person exploration to preset paths then switching to first-person view when enemies appeared. The psychedelic visuals, unusual controls and dark storyline polarised critics, but eventually lead to Killer7 becoming a cult hit.



Freak Out told the story of a young girl named Linda, who had 12 sisters that were all completely obsessed with vanity and forced her to do chores for them. While out on an errand she inadvertently unleashed 13 Vanity demons that possessed and kidnapped her sisters, but as she was not vain herself the final demon got tangled in her scarf and imbued it with magic powers.

Linda could use her now elastic scarf to grab, stretch and bend objects to navigate through each platform level, as well as stretching then releasing enemies to snap them and inflict damage. There was only one type of enemy, minions of the Vanity demons known as the Bonita Zakos, who had ridiculously oversized breasts and could only be defeated by grabbing their heads or backsides. Sounds legit.

After scoring enough points by eliminating these minions a boss battle would unlock, where Linda would have to fight one of her sisters to exorcise the Vanity demon from within them. Each sororal clash played out differently based on the traits of the sister being fought, and once beaten they were then sent to the Gallery of Shame where players could mix up their features and give them amusing new looks.

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