BioShock Infinite DLC news: Levine thanks gamers for patience

Upcoming add-on pack rumoured to introduce a new AI character

Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has thanked fans for waiting patiently to receive news about BioShock Infinite DLC, posting on Twitter:

Irrational has confirmed plans to release three BioShock Infinite DLC packs, adding "hours of additional gameplay and continue the player's journey in the sky-city of Columbia with new stories, characters, abilities and weapons".


Earlier this week, the since edited LinkedIn profile of 2K senior animator Michael Shanan described his work on a "new AI companion character" for "BioShock Infinite DLC 1", possibly outing plans for the first add-on pack.

BioShock Infinite players will have at least ten new Achievement awards to hunt down once Irrational begins rolling out DLC for the game, according to a listing on the game's Steam profile page.