Tank! Tank! Tank! is free-to-play on US Wii U eShop

Piecemeal sections of the game offered as micro transactions

Wacky multiplayer shooter Tank! Tank! Tank! has gone free-to-play via the US Wii U eShop.


The game retails for $49.99, but US Wii U owners can now download a basic version of the game for free via the eShop, and unlock small chunks of the game as they please for small one-off payments.

After downloading the basic offering - requiring 1.5GB of space - players can unlock six Versus Mode arenas for $1.99 each, the Monster Battle Arenas which are $3.99 a piece, and the Story Mission mode for $9.99.

The My Kong mode is also available, currently for $1.99, although that represents an 80 per cent discount on the regular price, which will be $9.99 as of May 15.

Not currently advertised on the eShop's front page at the time of writing, the best way to find it is to hit the search bar (top right) and search 'Tank'.