New Battlefield 4 screenshots released following social challenge

Rundown interior locations showcased in latest images

DICE has released two new Battlefield 4 screenshots as rewards for community engagement on the game's social media channels.

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A promotional poster allegedly obtained from an EB Games Australia store recently listed a Battlefield 4 release date of October 31, along with many of the game's features and the name of the first DLC pack.

The promo material backed up previous rumours about the Battlefield 4 release date, the first Battlefield 4 DLC, Battlelog 2.0 and the return of features including Commander mode.

Speaking to CVG during a wide-ranging Battlefield 4 interview conducted at GDC in March, series executive producer Patrick Bach said DICE is "more confident with multiplayer than we are with single-player, so we need to step up our game".

For more on the shooter, check out this Battlefield 4 preview.

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