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EA promises 'great reveal at E3', 11 major games in FY2014

New games from DICE and BioWare on the menu for this year's LA show

EA says it's gearing up for a "great reveal at E3" this year, as the arrival of the next-generation consoles looms.


The publisher said during a financial call today that new titles from BioWare and DICE will come out of its "full reveal" at E3, along with games from EA Sports and demonstrations of the next-gen sports engine and Frostbite 3.

EA will host its own pre-E3 press briefing on June 10, as previously confirmed.

The publisher said it plans to release "11 major titles" across consoles and PC, and 15 mobile games in its fiscal year 2014, which ends March 31, 2014.

EA Q4 Results:

"In fiscal 14 we will release 11 major titles across consoles and on the PC," said EA Labels president Frank Gibeau during the financials call today.

"This includes our core sports titles, Madden, FIFA, FIFA Manager, NBA Live, NHL and NCAA Football, as well as Need for Speed, Battlefield, Command & Conquer and from our partners at Insomniac, Fuse," he added.

"You'll hear more about Frostbite3 and our new sports engine," said Gibeau.

The Sims 4 is also among those titles, but it was later noted that the 11-game count does not include games resulting from its new Star Wars deal with Disney, since its "not planning" to release any major Star Wars titles in FY2014.