Resident Evil 6, Dragon's Dogma, DmC sales revealed

Capcom financials in line with recent guidance; firm reiterates plan to increase in-house development

Capcom has announced its financial results for the business year ended March 31 2013, which are roughly in line with the figures forecast by the Japanese publisher last month, when it halved its profit guidance.


Net sales came in at 94.1 billion yen (£613m), up 14.6 per cent from the previous year, while net profit dropped 55.8 per cent year-on-year to three billion yen (£19.6m).

During the fiscal year, flagship game Resident Evil 6 sold 4.9 million units, failing to meet Capcom's initial projection of seven million units shipped.

In contrast, new IP Dragon's Dogma exceeded expectations with sales of 1.3 million units, while series reboot DmC Devil May Cry moved a "solid" 1.1 million copies, enjoying "stable popularity in overseas markets".

For the current financial year ending March 31 2014, Capcom expects to post net sales of 97 billion yen (£632) and a net profit of 6.8 billion yen (£44.3m)

The company also reiterated its recently announced intention to increase internal game development at the expense of partnerships with overseas studios.

It said: "In order to lower development costs and shorten time frame for development, Capcom will restructure its development organisations, which are the core parts of the company's business, increasing ratio of in-house developments by focusing on the overhaul of overseas development companies."