No Wii U support for Frostbite 3 engine

Doubts raised over EA's commitment to Nintendo's new console

It is feared that as many as 15 upcoming EA games won't be developed for Wii U due to technology incompatibilities.


The publisher, still without a CEO, is developing the majority of its core content through its new Frostbite 3 engine. However, the studio behind the engine has said the tech will not work with Nintendo's next generation console.

On Tuesday, DICE technical director Johan Andersson told a gamer over Twitter that Frostbite 3 "has never been running on Wii U".

It means that, in order for the next slate of EA games to appear on Wii U, the publisher would need to mix development on new and old engine technology, or outsource Wii U-specific projects to other studios - neither of which has been suggested as a likely alternative.

EA has previously confirmed Frostbite 3 will power the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age games, as well as upcoming shooter Battlefield 4.

It is expected the engine will also be used for unannounced Star Wars games, which EA has the right to develop having recently acquired the license.

There is a real possibility that these EA games will not appear on Nintendo's new console in the foreseeable future.

Following an encouraging system launch, Wii U unit sales have dropped significantly. By April it had sold about 3.5 million units worldwide - some two million under initial expectations.

However, CVG understands that Nintendo is planning a grand-scale Wii U resurgence this holiday period, and will release a new 3D Mario game by October to help boost sales.