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Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures hits Facebook on May 20

PvZ spin-off exits beta and opens to all later this month

Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures will exit its beta phase and go live for all on Facebook on May 20, PopCap has confirmed.


PvZ Adventures is an isometrically-viewed spin-off of the popular strategy game, dubbed a "highly accessible, zombie-zapping adaptation of the original game designed specifically for Facebook".

According to the PR, the game "will take players beyond the confines of the backyard", sending them on a series of road-trips, fighting zombies as they travel to different locations. "Players will also be able to send hordes of zombies to their Facebook friends," it explains, and you can expect "new zombie and plant types, new ways of obtaining, cultivating and deploying plant defenses, and leaderboards".

PvZ Adventures entered a closed beta in March, which ends on May 20 when the game is officially launched for all to play.

PvZ's true sequel, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, was recently confirmed for release in July.