Resident Evil Revelations HD reviews arrive

Mags offer their verdicts on Capcom's update

Two magazines have published their Resident Evil: Revelations reviews, awarding the game 7/10 and 80 respectively.


Official PlayStation Magazine UK said of the upcoming game: "A spruced-up port of last year's Nintendo 3DS frightener, the work that's gone into revamping Resident Evil: Revelations for an HD console release is admirable."

However, it went on to add: "Revelations sadly hits a stumbling block. In one key area, the action has unforgivably regressed from 2005's Resi 4. Specifically, enemies now barely react to your bullets."

The 7/10 verdict concluded: "Thankfully, there are enough chills and thrills in exploring the game's evocative location to keep you aboard. More focused than Resi 6, Revelations successfully charts a course for old school horror, in spite of aiming woes and uninspired new T-virus nasties."

Official Nintendo Magazine, meanwhile, said "what had the potential to be the best Resi of recent years ends up being merely a solid port." Although its reviewer said the title is "a masterclass in how to do a standard Wii U port", they added: "the overall experience still plays best on 3DS."

Capcom will launch a Resident Evil Revelations demo on May 14 ahead of the Resident Evil Revelations release date of May 21 in the US and May 24 in the UK.

The publisher looks set to offer at least four Resident Evil: Revelations DLC packs for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC game.