NCsoft preparing Guild Wars 2 expansion

First quarter sales and profit jump year-on-year

NCsoft is preparing a Guild Wars 2 expansion pack, although official details and a launch window have yet to be announced.


The Korean publisher's managing director, Nah Seong Chan, said of the PC MMO during the company's first quarter earnings call (via

"...Of course we are preparing an expansion pack but in terms of when we will actually launch it, it's something we are still monitoring.

"We are looking to the performance of the game and then we will decide what will be the best time to do the launch."

NCsoft posted first quarter sales of 184.9 billion Korean won (£108.2m / $166.2m), up 31 per cent year-on-year but down 35 per cent from the fourth quarter.

Net income for the same period came in at 52.3 billion Korean won (£30.6m / $47m), up 322 per cent year-on-year but down 49 per cent quarter-on-quarter.