Nintendo beats patent infringement appeal

WiiMote technology ruled Nintendo's own

Nintendo has successfully defended a patent infringement case concerning its WiiMote motion technology.


Ohio technology company Motiva took Nintendo to court in 2011 over claims the latter company had infringed its patent on "human movement measurement system" technology.

The US International Trade Commission ruled in favour of Nintendo in 2011, but Motiva took the case to the US Court of Appeals. Now, according to a Reuters report, that court has again ruled in Nintendo's favour.

According to the Circuit Judge Sharon Prost, the ruling reflects the unlikelihood of Motiva's technology usurping Nintendo's in the event of a ban on the import of Nintendo Wii technology to the US. "Motiva's litigation was targeted at financial gains, not at encouraging adoption of Motiva's patented technology," Prost wrote.

"There is simply no reasonable likelihood that, after successful litigation against Nintendo, Motiva's patented technology would have been licensed by partners who would have incorporated it."