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Microsoft constructing venue for new Xbox reveal event - photos

Platform holder to unveil 360 successor on Tuesday May 21

Microsoft is in the process of constructing a venue for its next Xbox reveal event.

Aaron Greenberg, chief of staff for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, and Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb, director of programming for Xbox Live, tweeted the following messages and images of the venue where the firm will bring to an end months of speculation by revealing its new Xbox at a press conference on May 21 at its Redmond, Washington headquarters.

Hryb said last month that Microsoft will use the event to "share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future".

An always-online requirement for Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor has been heavily rumoured for months, with multiple sources saying the console will require one and more recent reports claiming it won't.

We analysed the most credible speculation about Microsoft's upcoming console in this countdown to the Next Xbox feature.