Fuse on Wii U: Insomniac 'not ruling out anything'

Insomniac CEO Ted Price views new IP as a franchise, wants next-gen sequels

Insomniac Games hasn't ruled out the possibility of releasing a Wii U version of Fuse, according to CEO Ted Price.


Asked ahead of the May 28 Fuse release date why the studio's first multiplatform game wasn't developed for Wii U, Price told Digitally Downloaded:

"We have to be selective because it's easy to start to stretch yourself too thin. So we're careful about where we go. One of the questions I got a lot of early on was 'why aren't you developing for the Wii U?' and the answer was simply bandwidth.

"We had to focus on delivering a great game on multiple platforms, but there's a point where we had to make hard choices, and for us we needed to limit the number of platforms for Fuse."

Price also said he's looking forward to Nintendo releasing Wii U entries in some of his favourite childhood series (Zelda, Mario, Metroid) and wouldn't definitively rule out a Fuse port for Nintendo's console. "We're not ruling out anything in the future. We are a content creator and we want to reach as large of an audience as we can."

In a newly published Fuse interview on CVG, Price told us that "of course" he hopes Fuse sequels will be released on next-gen consoles. "Whenever we make a game our goal is to build a franchise, not to make a one-off game."

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