Metro: Last Light PC update will introduce FOV slider

But it may cause problems, 4A Games warns

Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games will introduce a field-of-vision slider for the PC version, despite the issues it will likely cause.


In a note on the Steam Community site, a spokesperson for 4A Games said that implementing a FOV slider isn't as easy as it may appear, and has outlined many issues it may cause during gameplay.

The fixed FOV is maintained because of the "3D elements like the watch and weapon ammo that need to remain visible," the note explains.

"In addition, all the game's first-person cut scenes and cinematics and each and every animation involving Artyom's hands - idle weapon animations, reloads, ladder climbing, melee attacks etc, - were created assuming the same, fixed field of view."

4A Games warns that "changing the FOV could break all the cut-scenes and animations - you would be able to see inside Artyom's arms, or they would appear to float in the air in front of you. Or worse."

The team considered having three different FOV presets, however the work involved would require substantial tweaks to animations, the HUD and UI.

Despite the potential problems, the next Metro: Last Light update will allow players to change FOV in the .cfg files. People are warned that any of the issues mentioned may be triggered, but the team will continue to work out better solutions.

In his review, CVG editor Matthew Pellett described Metro: Last Light as "gruelling, oppressive, but well worth the effort."