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Microsoft 'to scrap Xbox Points'

Real world currency system will allow debit and credit card purchases, report claims

Microsoft will abandon its Points based currency in favour of a real world money system, a new report has suggested.

Tech website the Verge claims that "sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans have revealed plans to replace Points with a new gift card system". It is said that the new system will likely be revealed at E3, or sooner at the official Next Xbox event.


Microsoft has not confirmed the deal, though the Verge has published images of what the pre-paid cards will look like. CVG has contacted Microsoft for further clarification.

The new gift cards are said will work in a manner similar to Apple's iTunes vouchers, which will allow Xbox customers to acquire real-world currency. Cash transactions via credit and debit cards are also expected. It is also said that the new system will work across a whole suite of software from Windows Store to Windows Phone, as Microsoft prepares to better integrate its PC and device services.

In October, Microsoft revealed it was phasing out MS Points for its Windows 8 service.

At the time, the company explained to CVGthat Microsoft Points will "continue to be the currency for purchasing content for the Xbox 360 console".