Ubisoft sales hit £1 billion

Company remains in profit throughout financial year as it transitions to next gen

Ubisoft has maintained its momentum as a profitable top-tier publisher as the company prepares for the next console cycle.


Sales income for the twelve months ending in April came in at £1.05 billion, which was up roughly by a fifth on performance the year prior.

Gross profit was higher too, at £770 million, though cash spent on development climbed to £360 million and advertising and sales rose to £250 million. By the end of the year, Ubisoft was left with a net profit of £90 million, which is up slightly on the £70 million it made in the FY11/12 period.

Ubisoft says it expects to continue operating profitably with growing market share in online and core games. It also expects to not make as much with social games.

Chief executive Yves Guillemot said "next gen is finally upon us and it will bring strong growth to the market. We have the means to make use of three key factors; quality, regular releases and understanding online services."

The company announced Assassin's Creed 3 shipped 12.5 million units to retail (a company record) along with six million Far Cry 3 sales.

Far Cry 3, which has performed far beyond Ubisoft's initial sales expectations, reached the sales figure via both digital downloads and in-store purchases.

Chief executive Yves Guillemot added that the game's tongue-in-cheek '90s-drenched spin-off, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has become the "fastest selling downloadable title in Ubisoft history".