Ask CVG Anything: Games based on books, the worst game of all time?

Plus: Which franchise would you like to see turned into a fighting game?

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What was the last game you rage quit on and vowed never to go back to, despite it just being because you weren't very good at it? - El Mag

Chris - Hmmm. I usually only ever quit games because I don't like them, rather than because I'm no good at them. This job means I don't really have that luxury! The only one I can really remember is Buck Rogers: Countdown To Doomsday on the Mega Drive, because it was my first RPG and being eight years old I had no idea how they worked. I kept getting random encounters and not realising why I could barely walk twenty feet without getting into a fight, so I gave up and swapped it at the games stall at the Barras market in Glasgow for Desert Strike. £5 swaps, those were the days.
Tamoor - Despite absolutely loving the game, I didn't finish XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I wouldn't call it a rage quit, it was more of a I-can't-do-this-right-now quit. I reached a point in the game where a few bad decisions early on left me in a less than optimal position. Missions became a grind, my characters were getting torn apart and the only solution was to start over, which I just didn't have the time for. I'm definitely going to go back to it soon.
Shaun - Alpha Protocol. I loved that game, despite its faults. But there was one passage involving combat (I was a stealth build) that I tried dozens of times to no avail.

These days we see multiplayer added into many traditional single player games, whether it truly brings a benefit to the game or not. Are there any single player games, past or present, where you thought multiplayer would make the game more fun? - TheLastDodo

Chris - I always dreamt of a two-player version of Crazy Taxi where instead of picking up passengers both players had to just race each other around the entire city (since it was one big elaborate loop).

With Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon doing well what other games would you like to see given a parody twist, and what kind of twist would it be? - Queen Skillage

Chris - I'd love a less serious version of FIFA where you get to play as a variety of fictional football teams. These teams would include Fulchester United from Billy The Fish, the Hurricanes (from the children's cartoon of the same name), Melchester Rovers from Roy Of The Rovers, the English and German army teams who played on No Man's Land in Christmas 1914, the prison team from Mean Machine and the 2012-13 Glasgow Rangers.
Tamoor - Skyrim in space... with mecha-dragons.

What franchise would you like to see as a fighting game? Personally I'd love to play one based on Images comic output, any game that has Invincible, Poyo, Rick Grimes and Jackie Estacado would get picked up straight away, even if it was done by NetherRealm. - sevvybgoode

Chris - I've spoken before about the fighting game I'd love to see starring horror film slashers. Other than that - assuming it's a fantasy game that would never happen - I'd love to see Amiga All-Stars, a fighting game starring forgotten Amiga characters.

It'd include the likes of Superfrog, a Lemming, the ref from Sensible Soccer, a Cannon Fodder soldier, fighters from Body Blows, Alfred Chicken, the Bitmap Kid from Magic Pockets, Wiz and Liz (who'd fight together like the Ice Climbers in Smash Bros), Simon The Sorcerer and Conrad from Flashback. Oh, and Jimmy White with a sharpened snooker cue.
Tamoor - Can I say DC Comics? I know there's Injustice, but I really don't get on with NetherRealm's wooden fighting system. I'd love to see something in the vein of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, except with DC Comics.

That Assassin's Creed fighting game concept looked pretty sweet. I think a traditional-style fighting game starring Pokémon, as opposed to the turn-based stuff or Smash, would be quite cool too.
Shaun - I know I bring up Dark Souls a lot, but I'd really like to see a multiplayer-only spin-off that was just one-on-one (or two-on-two) combat in simple arenas, ala SoulCalibur. Dark Souls' combat requires patience, observance and is usually quite slow-paced, which suits me. I think Virtua Fighter is probably the closest we have to something like that presently.

Would you like to see more games based on books and do you think they could work better than the mediocre film tie-ins? What books would you like to see turned into games? - CrispyLog

Shaun - This is something I think about all the time! I'd love a game adaptation of Earth Abides by George R. Stewart. It's a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel set in San Francisco, but a potential game adaptation would need to be survival only. Perhaps a cross between Fallout and Minecraft? Robert Bowling posted an image to Twitter recently of books he's referencing for inspiration for Human Element, and this was on the pile. Fingered crossed, then.

Also, China Mieville's The City and the City would make an incredible game with a very unique mechanic: basically, two cities exist in the same location, and citizens in each are trained to simply not see the other one. Those who do acknowledge the others are targeted by a shady police organisation known as Breach. It also has a strange, dystopian Eastern European setting that might recall Half-Life 2 in the hands of a creative studio.

So yeah, I guess I'd like to see more book adaptations. It gives developers more creative license because they're not required to recreate images and settings we've seen in films. They have the freedom of their own interpretation.

Chris - Fifty Shades Of Grey. Um, failing that... I don't read many books so I'm afraid the extend of my literary knowledge is horror books, most of which have been made into films already. Maybe a survival horror based on The Shining, or a version of Pet Sematary using the engine from The Sims 3: Pets.
Tamoor - Ready Player One could easily be turned into an MMO or an RPG. Other than that I think something could be done with Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I do think that there's a lot more room to screw up with books, since the more interesting stuff isn't always action-heavy. I wouldn't want a Dark Tower game where Roland and the gang are constantly fighting waves of enemies, for example.

Who is your favourite, and least favourite (if you have one), video game sidekick? - TheLastDodo

Chris - Both my favourite and least favourite is Tails. He used to be awesome, now he's just a wee knob. Navi goes without saying as a rubbish one, too.
Tamoor - I like Luigi, his cowardice amuses me greatly. Do the cast of Mass Effect count as sidekicks? If so, I think Zaeed, Javik are pretty cool guys, ehy kill aliens and doesn't afraid of anything. And of course, Companion Cube.

What is the best end of game reward you can think of (before you had to pay for it)? - MrPirtniw

Chris - When you finished Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on the Game Boy Color with 300,000 points, you unlocked Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels too. You essentially unlocked an entire new game. That blew my mind at the time. Same with Pokémon Gold and Silver, where you unlocked the entire region from Pokémon Red and Blue when you finished the game.
Tamoor - I had a blast with the Stealth Camouflage in Metal Gear Solid. After spending all that time avoiding enemies, it offered an opportunity to get right up in their faces and screw with them. So much fun.
Shaun - The space themed tracks in Diddy Kong Racing.

What's the worst game you've ever played on any platform ever? There doesn't have to be a valid reason, you just have to hate it. - silent moose

Chris - God, I've played my fair share of garbage. The worst I've played was probably Flashlight on DSiWare, which literally just turns the top screen white. Yours for just over a quid. If that doesn't count because it's not really a 'game' as such, then I despised Ninjabread Man and Wheelspin (published by Bethesda in Europe!), both on Wii.
Tamoor - All the Postal games are shit.
Shaun - Seriously? Thor: God of Thunder. I've played a lot of bad PC games, games that don't need to work, games just cobbled together and thrown at the market. But Thor: God of Thunder was hilariously bad: it's the new watermark for shitty film adaptations in our bleak post-Superman 64 world.