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New Super Luigi U to release as retail game

Digital version also set for release in June

Nintendo has announced that New Super Mario Bros. U expansion, New Super Luigi U will be released as a standalone retail game as well as DLC.


New Super Luigi U keeps the core Mario game's world map but "has completely changed all 82 stages to let you experience a brand new adventure," Nintendo said.

The game's alternative star character, Luigi, is able to jump higher than Mario but does not have the same level of control - meaning that new challenges will be found within older levels.

During 4-player multiplayer Mario is replaced by the character Nabbit, who featured in a non-playable form in the original game.

Concluding the new approach is a new rule for the game; each stage starts with 99 seconds on the timer, meaning that players must dash through levels rather than stroll.

Coupled with more obstacles packed into each stage, Nintendo said the DLC will change the way people approach New Super Mario Bros U.

New Super Luigi U will release digitally on June 20, or as a standalone retail game on July 26 in Europe, and August 25 in North America.

European prices have yet to be announced, but in the US the DLC version costs $19.99 while the retail version will cost $29.99.

New Super Mario Bros. U released alongside the Wii U in November 2012. To date, the launch title has sold more than 2.15 million copies.