Ouya to exhibit at E3 in parking lot

Booth operating from outside convention centre

Ouya will have a unique E3 presence in 2013, with the console company confirming it will exhibit from a parking lot near the convention centre.


Ouya will be present during the three days of E3 (June 11 - June 13), but rather than have a conventional booth set up inside the Convention Centre, Ouya will be setting itself up in the parking lot across the road.

In a press release sent out to developers, Ouya confirmed that it will provide "everything you'll need to put on a killer game demo," which includes the console, controllers, TV, food and drink.

With an open to the public E3 presence, Ouya developers will have the opportunity to showcase their games to media, E3 pass holders and anyone who happens to be walking by. Ouya promises that it will have the best equipment on hand.

There are already over 10,000 developers working on Ouya software, according to Ouya head of developer relations Kellee Santiago.

The console's release was pushed back to June 25 after suffering a three week delay.