Splinter Cell Blacklist: co-op mode trailer and screens

Play as Sam Fisher or CIA operative Isaac Briggs

Ubisoft has released a new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer showing off the game's co-op mode.

The game features two player co-op in which players take on the roles of Sam Fisher and CIA operative Isaac Briggs.

Ubisoft says co-op will feature four mission types and 14 maps. It will also support split-screen play.

"Help your teammate access parts of the maps you couldn't access on your own, create your own tactics depending on your play style and watch each other's back as you complete missions."

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Ubisoft also recently revealed Blacklist's version of Spies vs. Mercs, which will feature two main modes: classic 2v2 and a new 4v4 game.

You can read our own impressions in this Splinter Cell: Blacklist multiplayer and co-op preview.

Last month, Ubisoft announced a Wii U version of Blacklist. The Gamepad mimics Sam's OpSat, allowing the player to operate gadgets such as tri-rotor drones, sticky cam and much more through touch and motion based inputs.

The publisher also released the game's box art in April.

Ubisoft has confirmed a Splinter Cell: Blacklist release date of August 20 in North America, August 22 in EMEA territories and August 23 in the UK.