FIFA 14 confirmed for next Xbox, set for reveal tomorrow

EA to show off its next-gen sim at Microsoft's reveal event

Electronic Arts has confirmed plans to show off the next-generation version of FIFA 14 at Microsoft's next Xbox reveal event tomorrow.


"See the next generation of FIFA", reads the teaser image (right) released by EA, confirming the game for Microsoft's third Xbox.

While the game itself was announced in early April for PC, Xbox 360 and PC, EA is yet to show any actual in-game footage, with videos so far having focused on some of the new technology created for this year's game.

The May 21 event - at which Microsoft will unveil its next-generation console - would be the first time the game will be demonstrated publicly.

FIFA 14 is the second game confirmed for an unveiling at the event, after Activision also confirmed plans to debut Call of Duty: Ghosts at Microsoft's gathering.

While there's still no official date, retailers have listed September and October FIFA 14 release dates.

A PS4 version is expected, but is yet to be officially confirmed, while EA has already said that there'll be no FIFA 14 for Wii U.