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Videos: Resident Evil Revelations HD launch trailer, opening mission and more

Capcom game hits the US today and the UK this Friday

Capcom has released the Resident Evil: Revelations HD launch trailer to accompany today's Resident Evil Revelations release date in the US and the game's arrival in the UK this Friday.


We said in our Resident Evil Revelations HD review: "One of the 3DS' leading lights shines all the brighter for its transition to the big screen. A dark, brooding nautical horror story, laced with great set pieces and one hell of a twist."

If you want to try it for yourself, a playable Resident Evil Revelations demo is now live on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and Steam.

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Additionally, we've captured footage of the game's prologue and opening mission, as well as Episode 1: Into the Depths, which you can view below.

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Earlier this week, Capcom outlined plans for three Resident Evil Revelations DLC drops in June.