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EA Sports Ignite Engine trailer teases next-gen FIFA, NFL, NBA

Publisher shows off target footage for next-gen sports sims

EA Sports has released a trailer to mark the announcement of its next-generation sports sim engine, dubbed the 'Ignite Engine'.

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EA's upcoming sports titles will be powered by 'Ignite', a brand new engine that the publisher promises will "blur the line between real and virtual".

The video below showcases snapshots of FIFA, NFL, NBA and UFC with high-quality visuals.

The footage does, however, appear to be pre-rendered CGI, rather than real-time visuals representing actual PS4 and Xbox One games, but EA is yet to confirm either way.

EA today announced it has entered into a "broad strategic partnership" with Microsoft for titles on the Xbox One, confirming the development of FIFA, NBA Live, Madden NFL and UFC games for the new console.

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