Xbox One: Expanded achievements system captures gameplay videos

Record, edit and share gameplay

Microsoft has detailed changes to the achievement system implemented for Xbox One.

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According to an official fact sheet, the system "allows for new achievements powered by the cloud and offers more ways to earn, more frequent updates and the ability to share wins with friends".

It adds: "An expanded achievements system captures videos of gameplay and continues to grow achievements over time, and Gamerscores carry over from Xbox 360."

The Xbox One's DVR functionality also allows the console to capture and save gameplay highlights:

"[Game DVR] captures and saves in-game highlights and epic moments to the cloud. Use editing and sharing tools to post game footage to your Xbox Live profile and social networks."

Additionally Xbox Live will receive enhanced cloud functionality, improved matchmaking and other social features. Read full new Xbox Live details here.

Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox One release date as "later this year" around the world.