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Next-gen Kinect will release for Windows

PC compatible version forthcoming

The next-generation Kinect bundled with Xbox One will eventually release for Windows PC, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed.

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The original Kinect was released for PC only months after its Xbox 360 launch, and a similar pattern looks set to occur with the new Kinect.

Microsoft's corporate VP of interactive entertainment business Ben Kilgore confirmed the news with Polygon.

The Xbox One will come bundled with the new Kinect iteration, and will be a mandatory component of the console.

Detailed by Microsoft corporate vice president of Xbox Live Marc Whitten at yesterday's Xbox One presentation, the new Kinect "understands the slightest rotation of wrist, shift balance, transfer of motion, and when you're exercising it can read your headbeat."

The new Kinect will also allow users to interact with the console via voice commands.