Xbox One supports 3D and 4K resolutions, confirms MS rep

Stereoscopy and Ultra-HD content possible on the new console

Microsoft spokesperson Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, has confirmed that the new Xbox One will support 3D stereoscopy and 4K resolution standards.

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"Xbox One supports both 3D and 4K," said Hryb during a live Q&A session with gamers via Yahoo.

4K, also referred to as 4k Ultra HD, is a new resolution standard that is around four-times the resolution (3840 2160) of current 'Full HD' standards (1920 x 1080 - or 1080p).

Few TV sets that support the 4K standard currently exist, and content for them is even harder to come by, but Microsoft will no doubt be keen on future-proofing its console for emerging technologies expected in the coming decade.

Sony has also confirmed that its PlayStation 4 console will support 4K resolution output for video but not games.

While Hryb was less specific, it's worth noting that Xbox One's 4K support is also likely to be largely limited to video content, as rendering a 3D game engine at a resolution of 3840 2160 would require vast processing power that would seem an unrealistic proposal on Microsoft or Sony's new consoles. It's not, however, impossible that simple 2D games could support such a resolution.

The new Xbox One was revealed at a press conference on Tuesday.