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Indie dev snubs Xbox One for PS4

Curve "sad to see MS not announcing dedicated support" for indies

Indie publisher and developer Curve has issued an official press release to declare its 'focus on PS4 development' following "the lack of independent support currently announced from Microsoft and the Xbox One."

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Microsoft confirmed yesterday that Xbox One's online marketplace will not file games into discrete categories such as 'Xbox Live Arcade' or 'Indie Games', as was done on Xbox 360. Instead, all games will be listed in a unified games section, which may come as a disappointment to indie developers who hoped for a dedicated and more spotlighted indie platform on Microsoft's new console.

Sony, on the other hand, is loudly embracing the indie scene, pledging to revise its current digital publishing model in the hope of fostering increased support from indie studios and establish a more creative-driven platform.

Curve, which developed platformer Stealth Bastard and puzzle title Fluidity, has said that it will focus on Sony's new console and its Vita portable going into the next generation.

"XBLA was a trailblazer last generation, so it's sad to see Microsoft not announcing dedicated support for independent developers on the Xbox One," said Curve managing director Jason Perkins.

"Refusing to concentrate on easier submissions and discoverability leaves the way clear for Sony to capture the most innovative market in gaming right now.

"Sony's show of support for developers, including showing independent releases not only front and centre on their storefront but also during the PlayStation 4 reveal is creating a more open, co-operative market for independent games to enter the living room on a level playing field," he added.

Curve is offering its services to other indie devs for "enhanced ports to Sony systems, including the addition of platform specific features and gameplay mechanics into existing titles", as well as help with PR and marketing directly with Sony.