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Comments of the week: 'They could call them Trophiis'

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


"Really glad Ubi are behind it, they have some interesting games in the works. Sad to see no EA games, but I suspect the days of forgotten gems like Boom Blox gracing new consoles is over, and I won't miss the likes of *insert sport here* 2014,15,16,17...

Oh, and I agree, the Wii U will do fine, and Ubi will probably make a few pennies off the audience. I'm no psychic, so I can't say who will "win" the console scuffle, but anyone who thinks a company as rich and wilful as Nintendo will roll over Sega-style is perhaps voicing what they want to happen, rather than what's likely too." -Zaphod_B

With any luck, we might get another Red Steel

"You should never write Nintendo off. Especially after only 7 months. I remember all the doom mongers were predicting the same thing when the 3ds launched. I can't see it being as big a hit as the original Wii but I'm sure they will be fine." - Two Pennys Worth

It was never going to be as big as the Wii, and betting on that would be foolish. The Wii U definitely has the potential to be very successful, and Nintendo has proved time and time again that it can salvage a sinking ship.

"Fair enough having the balls to do a vid like this but it seems like it was forced from what the 2 guys at the end said, they've only just addressed the issues because people were concerned about Dyack's involvement in the project which has been affecting their kickstarter...

Why not address these issues after they were 1st brought up? because they thought no-one would believe the stories? seriously unless you back your corner people are going to believe the stuff that's posted regardless, they could have saved themselves the trouble & said something back then & provided their own evidence (which they still haven't really done here)

The other thing I haven't figured out yet is if their relationship is still so good with Nintendo then why haven't Ninty picked up this project instead of it being a kickstarter & actually named Eternal Darkness 2 especially after Nintendo renewed the IP name not that long ago.... very cryptic...

I loved Silicon Knights early games like Eternal Darkness & Twin Snakes but since they left those ties to Nintendo things seemed to go downhill quickly, i'd love to see a sequel to Eternal Darkness too but all this controversy isn't helping them & neither are things like the weird t&c's that they had on their own site's fundraiser ... all seems a little mis-managed to me.. Hopefully they can sort stuff out & i'll give credit where it's due & at least Dennis was willing to do that vid to help with some of the problems but maybe it's a little too late." - Vhyper1985

Right there with you. With Dyack attached, the project was always going to be surrounded in controversy. As a fan of Eternal Darkness, I'm approaching Shadow of the Eternals with nothing but skepticism, just to be safe. I played X-Men: Destiny, can you blame me?

I'd really like Nintendo to add Trophies as an update. They could call them Trophii and have them as as actual Trophies ala Smash Bros or the collectible figurines in RE4. The Trophii app could be just a giant room full of all your accomplishments in Trophii form. That would be so awesome! - FoxMcCloud

Give this man a Nintenjob

"Some cool tech- but I still need to see it used properly in games. The simplistic Kinect games we have now are fun for what they are- but they're really shallow.

Roll on E3." - MrPirtniw

If it is as powerful as Microsoft are making out, the result could be some very interesting gameplay innovations. Fingers crossed.

Hopefully one of those will be a new Conker or Banjo platformer game, now those would be system sellers. But I presume Rare will be on Kinect duty :( - Ollie Hall

You never know. Rare has been toiling away in the Kinect and Avatar dungeons for a really long time now, maybe Microsoft will let them play in the garden for a bit soon?