Molyneux's Curiosity cube concludes with UK winner

UPDATED: Victorious user rewarded with Godus role and profit share

22 Cans' debut project, the iOS and Android title Curiosity, has finally come to an end, with the UK-based winner receiving a role in its next title.

Since November 6 last year, the intriguing mobile and tablet game has drawn in about five million users, according to creator Peter Molyneux.


The game asked players to tap away at tiny cubelets which together formed layers of a massive cube. Brick by brick, these layers have been shed, revealing a slightly smaller cube in the centre in a Russian Doll fashion.

Now, some seven months later, user Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh has reached the centre of the cube.

Curiosity's secret reward has previously been described as "life changing" by Molyneux, and in the winner's video Henderson decided to share publicly, it's revealed that he will be granted the role of God in 22 Cans' next project for PC and iOS, Godus.

As God, the Curiosity winner will decide the rules under which the Godus game is played by and even share in the success of the product, said Molyneux.

"Every time people spend money on Godus, you will get a small piece of that pie," he explained.

"It means that you will decide on how people will play a game. You will accrue riches from that game, from the start until the finish of your reign. That, by any definition of the word, is life changing.

"You will have fame, you will have fortune and you will have the power to introduce morals into a game."

Godus achieved successful Kickstarter funding in December 2012, with a campaign that targeted £450,000 but closed at £526,563. Here's a prototype video.

Molyneux said the idea of having a single player act as god over an entire game genre came to him many years ago, but "it's only now when we're all connected that we have the power to do it."

"I hope that you find this was worth the sore fingers you may have gained by tapping, and I hope the world agrees with me that it's a worthy prize of the efforts of What's Inside the Cube."

Molyneux said that 22 Cans may undergo another gaming experiment that's "even more intriguing" in the future.

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