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Insomniac prototyping 'new Fuse experiences'

"I'm not talking about DLC," says studio president

Insomniac Games has teased fans of its latest title Fuse with news that it is developing new experiences based in the sci-fi world.


"No, I'm not talking about DLC," studio president Ted Price said on his blog. "I'm talking about new Fuse experiences altogether.

"We've already begun expanding what we've begun with Fuse. Right now as I write this we're taking the core concepts behind Fuse and prototyping new stuff...stuff that leverages this bizarre alien substance which is at the heart of the game."

"For you, our fans...for those of you who dig what we do with crazy worlds, characters and weapons...for those of you who check out Fuse and enjoy a co-op romp through a very 'Insomniac' game, this is what I have to say: we're just getting started."

Fuse released in North America on May 28 and is scheduled for a European release this Friday, May 31. In our Fuse review we said: "juicily inventive firearms aside... there's a lack of ideas" and "while nothing's particularly wrong, there's certainly not much right". We awarded the game a 6.

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