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Real Boxing hits Vita in August

Unreal Engine 3-powered brawler headed to PS Store

Vivid Games has confirmed that its iOS boxing sim Real Boxing is in development for Vita.


The Vita version will arrive on the PlayStation Store in Europe in August, the company said today.

Powered by Unreal Engine 3, Real Boxing released on iOS devices in November 2012 to a mostly positive reception.

The game sees players play the role of an amateur boxer who fights his way up to pro status and challenges for the world title.

Vivid Games talks up the visual details of the game's boxers. "Each boxer has been motion captured in the ring, with every punch, every jab, every jaw-shattering uppercut portrayed in stunning definition," it says. "Real-time deformation technology portrays fighters' facial injuries in gory detail, bones crunching as punches fly, a mist of sweat and blood filling the ring."

Real Boxing will feature extensive character customisation options, real-time commentary and slow-motion replays.

Here are the first Vita screenshots: