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Limbo releasing on Vita next week

Critically acclaimed puzzle platformer arrives on Sony's handheld

Playdead has announced a release date for Limbo on Vita.

The game will launch on PSN for Sony's handheld next Tuesday, June 5 in the States, priced at $14.99. It'll release the following day in Europe for €12.99/£9.99.

Playdead CEO and co-founder Dino Patti said in a post on the PS Blog: "As we approach the third anniversary of Limbo, the game is finally ready for handheld devices.

"Together, with the talented people at [LittleBigPlanet Vita co-developer] Double Eleven, we at Playdead have been working hard to adapt Limbo to PS Vita without compromising the experience."

Limbo sees players take control of a small boy in a dark and deadly 2D world, working their way through a series of physics-based puzzles and obstacles.

The critically acclaimed puzzle platformer was released on Xbox Live Arcade in July 2010, and remained an exclusive on the system until it released for PS3 a year later.

Playdead said in 2012 that it doesn't expect its next game to see the light of day for "at least two years".

According to a Danish Film Institute listing uncovered last year, the colour project is a "puzzle platform/adventure" featuring 2D style platforming set in a 3D environment. It's said to tell the "story of a boy's struggle against evil forces trying to take over the world through questionable experiments on human bodies".