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Grid 2 out now, launch trailer released

Racing action from the streets of Paris, Austria's Red Bull Ring and the California coast

Codemasters has sent over the Grid 2 launch trailer to coincide with today's UK Grid 2 release date.

In this launch trailer, supercars including the McLaren F1 GT and Pagani Huayra roar through the streets of Paris, Touring Car pedigree is represented as examples of the Volvo S60 BTCS, Gomez Competition GC 10.1 and BMW 320 trade paint around Austria's Red Bull Ring and Dodge Chargers and Ford Mustang Mach 1 Twister Specials blast along the California Coast.

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Earlier in May, we got the chance to chat to Grid 2 senior game designer Ross Gowing about the racer's single-player offering. Check out the video interview and some Grid 2 gameplay videos showing off the Okutama Mizu Mountain drift track and Red Bull Ring circuit.

If your more interested in the online side of the racing sequel, you should have a look at this comprehensive run-down of Grid 2 multiplayer features.

We said in our Grid 2 review: "Grid 2 is a robust and complete racing package that delivers big on value-for-money and while it's by no means a game of end-to-end thrills, it has its moments. Those that splash out will have their investment repaid in kind, once they get to grips with its foibles.

"But for us personally, we were left to reflect on a good little runner where the engine purrs, but due to a lack of focus never finds an extra gear. At this point in the generation, you might be better served to pinpoint what exactly it is you want from a racing game, and trawl through the back catalogue for something that serves that up as a specialty."