Dark Souls 2 due in 2014

E3 banner marks March 2014 for sequel release

Dark Souls 2 will release in March 2014, according to an outdoor advertisement in Los Angeles coinciding with E3.


Namco Bandai has yet to announce a release date for the sequel to 2011's Dark Souls, however an outdoor banner ad for Dark Souls 2 in Los Angeles has outed the launch window as "March 2014".

Logos for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC feature on the advertisement, suggesting a next-gen release it still off the cards.

The banner's appearance coincides with Namco Bandai's claims that the publisher is treating Dark Souls 2 as a "massive, massive triple-A title."

Studio From Software released a lengthy gameplay video for Dark Souls 2 in April. According to producer Yui Tanimura, "the goal isn't to make Dark Souls 2 more difficult, just more rewarding."

The game was initially unveiled at the 2012 VGA Awards.

E3 2013 takes place from June 9 until June 11.