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Review round-up: Remember Me divides critics

All the review scores in one place...

Reviews for Capcom and Dontnod's sci-fi action game Remember Me have gone live, and it's fair to say that the title has split opinion.

"An ambitious world hamstrung by a lot of fighting and platforming," concludes CVG's Remember Me review, which issues the game a 7/10. Elsewhere scores range from 4's all the way up to 8/10. As always, we've rounded up the major verdicts in a list below.

Remember Me is set to release worldwide this week.

  • CVG: 7/10 - "Combat and platforming are the least interesting parts of Remember Me, and they're what you'll be doing most. Though Neo-Paris is unforgettable, your journey through it isn't."
  • Games Radar: 3.5/5 - "Remember Me is an inconsistently enjoyable experience. Its world provides an interesting glimpse into a could-be future, and the Memory Remix puzzles and Pressen system help offset its extreme linearity and stiff combat."
  • Edge: 8/10 - "Schlocky and silly in places, but potent and reflective in others, Nilin's tale has bags of heart to play off against its flamboyant bosses and existential quandaries, all grounded by a charismatic female star."
  • Official PlayStation Magazine UK: 7/10 - "It's Tomorrow's World game design, using today's technological horizons as a jumping-off point."
  • Gamespot: 7.0 - "Within Remember Me, there's an outstanding game struggling to be set free, held back by a story that never takes off and claustrophobic levels that never allow the fantastic near-future setting to take center stage."
  • IGN: 5.9 - "Remember Me is a likeable, even admirable game... But ultimately, it failed to challenge or excite me as a game, as all of its best ideas are confined to its overarching fiction rather than its gameplay."
  • Videogamer: 4/10 - "Remember Me is nothing more than an entirely forgettable tour de farce of archaic game design."
  • Polygon: 8/10 - "Remember Me suffers when it pushes its design beyond the capabilities of its mechanics, when its gameplay ambitions exceed its capacity to meet them."
  • Destructoid: 6/10 - "As it stands, Remember Me is a game that offers about six to eight hours of disposable entertainment that defined pretentiousness and will be forgotten in an inconsequential passage of time."
  • SixthAxis: 8/10 - "Remember Me surprises in many pleasant ways as its fast-paced action beats play out. Although the narrative is perhaps a little predictable in places, it does have a few twists along the way."
  • Metro: 8/10 - "lenty of smart ideas and some very attractive presentation, but none of the core gameplay elements work as well as they should and the game ends up sadly forgettable."
  • Eurogamer: 7/10 - "The result is a game that a small number of people will rightly love and cherish, but overall it's an uneven experience"