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My E3 2013 most anticipated: Metal Gear Solid V

Dan Dawkins makes his case for Hideo Kojima's ambitious sequel

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My E3 Most Anticipated: Metal Gear Solid V

by Dan Dawkins, former PSM3 editor-in-chief

Having interviewed Hideo Kojima twice, submitted 12 articles and written over 25,000 words about Metal Gear Solid V for CVG over the last twelve months - most recently, part one and part two of my master theory - I don't think you'd need to be Psycho Mantis to uncover my most anticipated E3 game.

After the mad but enthralling 'mystery' of The Phantom Pain, culminating in its glorious GDC unveiling as MGSV, huge questions remain about Kojima's most ambitious Metal Gear yet. Most notably, and tediously, the issue of whether David Hayter will reprise his role of Snake.


I've debated this on CVG previously, but bottom line: probably, yes. Even if it's obvious, I'd still get a tingle from him growling 'Kept you waiting, huh?' at Konami's E3 press conference. I could be wrong, of course, but recent RT's from the Konami UK twitter account suggest not.

Far more interesting, is Kojima's recent teasing about MGSV's overriding theme.

The inference is that it's a four letter word ending in 'e', Kojima has already ruled out Love, Hope and Fate on his twitter account. Judging by his tweets, the E3 MGSV video will run a series of quotes about what the theme isn't, before revealing what it is. He's already tweeted screen captures of two slides: 'Not for the Future' and 'Not for Love'.


The best guesses so far are: Legacy. Hate. Crime. Rage. Time. Ogre. You can construct cases for all of them, and I have done previously, but the key clues are this: the invention of Moby Dick Studio name checks the famous novel and its themes of 'hate' or 'revenge' - Captain Ahab is consumed by vengeance on the white whale.

MGSV was once known as Project Ogre, meaning 'demon', 'oni' or 'spirit' in Japanese; perhaps explaining Big Boss weird 'devil horn' protrusion. At some stage in the MGS canon, Big Boss turns 'evil' and becomes the series' villain, creating Outer Heaven. So...

Well, that's a lot of clues, but 'Time' or 'Legacy' could also be themes. When I interviewed Kojima in March, he insisted this was his last MGS game, and was concerned with what message he could pass on to fans, and what creative folk can hope achieve in their lifetime i.e. their legacy. Kojima has also openly discussed how MGSV/Ogre will deal with 'taboo' issues. Is Kojima interested in the factors that drive 'good' people like Big Boss to commit despicable acts?

All fun and games. I'll be writing a lot more about MGSV on CVG soon, after the new trailer debuts on June 6 - with updates via @DanDawkins. Damn, and I ran out of space to debate the significance of Kyle Cooper.

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