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Halo 4 multiplayer tweaks include weapon damage increase

Player movement speed also increased

Halo 4's competitive multiplayer component has received a series of tweaks, including weapon damage increases.


A long list of weapons listed at the official Halo Waypoint have received damage increases, including the Battle Rifle, Carbine and LightRifle, among others.

In most cases these buffs have been offset by changes in other areas: for example, the Battle Rifle's rate of fire has been "slightly decreased", while the Carbine's red reticle range has also been decreased.

The only weapon listed to not receive a damage buff is the DMR, which will receive a slight decrease to its red reticle range.

Damage has also been increased on vehicle weapons for the Mantis and Warthog.

Base player movement has also been increased by 10 per cent across all playlists and modes. 343 Industries have made the changes in order to "provide a more fast-paced, optimized matchmaking experience".

Game modes not affected by the changes include Team Snipers, Grifball and Action Sack's Rock N' Rail.

Reports emerged earlier today that Halo 4 studio 343 Industries is hiring a multiplayer designer to 'help shape the future of Halo', pointing to a new installment in the series.