Remember Me out now, launch trailer released

Game hits UK stores on Friday

Capcom has sent over the Remember Me launch trailer to coincide with today's Remember Me release date in the US and the game's European launch later this week.

The third-person action adventure game is set in a futuristic surveillance society called Neo-Paris in the year 2084, when personal memories can be digitised, bought and sold.

Players step in the shoes of "memory hunter" Nilin, who's on a mission to recover her memory and take down a memory manipulation corporation called Memorize.

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We put in plenty of time with the new IP to bring you our Remember Me review, in which we said: "Combat and platforming are the least interesting parts of Remember Me, and they're what you'll be doing most. Though Neo-Paris is unforgettable, your journey through it isn't."

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For more on the game, check out the first ten minutes of Remember Me gameplay and the list of Remember Me Achievements.