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My E3 2013 most anticipated: Retro Studios' new game

Chandra Nair ponders which franchise will next benefit from the Metroid dev's talent

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My E3 Most Anticipated: Retro Studios' next game


by Chandra Nair, editor-in-chief Nintendo Projects

I guess it's the irrepressible Nintendo fanboy in me that does it but the relative commercial failure of the Metroid Prime series just makes me love it even more. Other intergalactic adventures might sell millions more but I'll always have a place in my heart for Samus' first-person dramas.

It goes without saying then, that anything less than a shiny new, HD first-person Metroid game from Retro Studios will be met with disappointment in Chansted (fanboy alert, that's my Animal Crossing town).

What do we know for sure? Not much and in a time when we already know about most of Nintendo's 2013 content that's a good thing. I love a bit of a mystery, me. E3 used to be 95% mystery and 5% certainty. With that stat turned on its head for 2013 I'm lapping up the unknown wherever it dribbles from.


About six months ago Reggie Fils-Aime told us that Retro was working hard on a Wii U title and that we would see it at E3.

Just recently Nintendo's Hiro Yamada teased that he wonders what game it is and that he hopes Nintendo will "introduce it in the not too distant future".

Here we are with a week to go until the game will (supposedly) get announced and we know next to nothing. I love it!

Every time I consider a scenario where it isn't a Metroid game my brain stalls and I need a double expresso to kickstart my emotional reboot. There's just no reality in which Nintendo would ignore Retro's blatant skillset.

Regardless of the individual team members who have come and gone over the years, Retro's remit is obvious, and the only scenario where Samus is given extended shore leave is one where Mr McCloud pulls on the leather gloves.

Mmmmm, white leath... erm, I mean, shiny, orange ladypar... ERM! I'll just end this now. Double expresso time!

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