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Saints Row 4 E3 trailer is heavy on full-frontal nudity

'War For Humanity' clip shows an impressive naked slow-mo dive

Deep Silver and Volition have released the E3 trailer for Saints Row IV, and it's slightly NSFW.

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The dramatic trailer, entitled 'War For Humanity' explains how the President of the United States is sent to a simulated version of the city of Steelport in order to put an end to an alien invasion.

As well as a helping of (pixellated) full-frontal male nudity, the trailer also introduces some of the game's secondary characters, including Benjamin King, the founding father of the Vice Kings from the first Saints Row game.

Cult movie star Keith David (Crash, There's Something About Mary, The Thing) also makes an appearance in the game, seemingly playing himself.

Publisher Deep Silver acquired the rights for Saints Row as part of THQ's bankruptcy auction in January, and previously announced a Saints Row 4 release date of 20 August in North America and 23 August in Europe.

Earlier this week, a special Saints Row 4 Collector's Edition was also announced, including a 12" replica Dubstep Gun, an eight-inch statue, a pocket doomsday dubstep button and the Commander In Chief edition of the game, which includes numeous in-game add-ons including a screaming eagle.