Malicious Rebirth confirmed for Vita in 2013

Third-person boss rush action game enhanced for the portable

Sony has confirmed that Malicious Rebirth is coming to Vita later this year.


Malicious Rebirth is a third-person boss rush action game developed by Osaka, Japan-based studio Alvion.

The Vit game is an enhanced for of the PS3 original, titled Malicious, which released via the PlayStation Store in Japan in 2010. It remained a Japan-only title until 2012 when it finally released in US and EU regions.

Unlike tradition third-person action games which have full levels to fight through, Malicious simply consists of a collection of large-scale boss fights. While the bosses are ordered by difficulty, players can choose to tackle them in any order they please, acquiring more powers as they progress.

Malicious Rebirth will be enhanced over the PS3 original, with "more levels, bosses and powers to acquire". The game will also support touch screen control mechanics alongside tradition twin-analogue controls, although the developer is yet to reveal specifics.

Check out first screenshots of the Vita version below: