My E3 2013 most anticipated: Dark Souls 2

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My E3 Most Anticipated: Dark Souls 2

by Joel Gregory, Deputy Editor for Official PlayStation Magazine


I can't deny it any more: I have become one of those people. One of those tedious people who crow on about how Dark Souls is one of the greatest games ever made, how it's like nothing else you've ever played, and how having completed it elevates one to a whole new, better plane of existence. And while I know how nauseating such an attitude is, I don't really care.

I don't really care as those things are basically true, and as such it's the Namco Bandai stand that intrigues me the most about this year's E3. Even with all the next-gen graphical whizzbangery flying about, the chance to get a look at From Software's next slice of amazing is what's getting me all hot under my Paladin Helm.

And that's because so little is known about what actually does come next. Scaremongering about the game being too easy can be dismissed out of hand - the developer is far too smart for that - and more accessibility to ease players in to the game should be welcomed (as anyone who spent 20 clueless hours in Lordran knows). But in terms of narrative, gameplay and locations? Dark holes.

The original did have a compelling story, you just had to work to find it. And while it's combat mechanics were simple, that simplicity offered a wealth of options (both intended and impromptu) that very few games do. And even if the difficulty had you smiting your pad with a breezeblock in frustration, few could deny that it's art design was among the best we've ever seen. I want more of all of this, and I'm sure I'm going to get it. I just have no idea in what way, but I won't leave that bonfire - uh, publisher booth - until I find out.

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