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My E3 2013 most anticipated: Final Fantasy Next

Rob Pearson still has faith in the legendary series that fell to the earth

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My E3 Most Anticipated: Final Fantasy Next

by Rob Pearson, deputy editor at PlayStation Access TV

True, Final Fantasy hasn't been on top form these past three years. Final Fantasy XIII's object linearity and gaudy carnival of pointless sequels, plus the total sham of XIV's PC release has seen the series' reputation take a turn-based hammering.

But! That super slick, next-gen tech demo from last year and Square Enix's cryptic tease at the PS4 reveal event in February have got me well and truly pumped for Final Fantasy at E3 2013. And surely it's got to be the big one - Final Fantasy XV for PS4. Rumours are currently flying all over the place about whether or not XV is in fact Final Fantasy Versus XIII with a lick of next-gen paint, but I don't buy it. Versus XIII will be present, correct and achingly pretty sure, but Final Fantasy XV is going to be an entirely different beast.

I'm hoping for a slick, narrative reinvention but with its roots entrenched in the series' illustrious history. Ni No Kuni proved earlier this year that people are still willing to buy into traditional JRPGs, and Final Fantasy is traditional JRPG royalty. Give me an expansive world map, Chocobo breeding, an airship, a badass with a massive sword, and a modern, multi-threaded storyline presented in glorious next-gen-o-vision. Give me Final Fantasy XV on PS4.

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