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Konami registers trademark for Contra Run And Gun

New Contra game may be shown during E3 week

Konami has registered a trademark for a new game called Contra Run And Gun, new documents show.

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The trademark registration, discovered by NeoGAF, was processed last week, suggesting Konami is ready to show the game at its E3 press conference this week.

"Run and gun" is also the nickname given to the game genre made popular by Contra, though it's as yet unclear as to whether this game will have similar gameplay to previous Contra games.

The Contra series is 26 years old, and if Contra Run And Gun is indeed a new title it will be the fourteenth Contra game.

Konami last teased a Contra game at E3 2011, where it showed a brief 30-second teaser ending with the Contra 'C' logo and the text "they're coming".

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