Fable 3 is free on

But Xbox Silver members must pay fee

Fable 3 is currently available to download for free, likely due to an error, on

The offer is only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, who can get the game for free by clicking the option to pay using Microsoft points, at which point it will be discounted.


It is unclear whether this is simply a mistake on Microsoft's part, or if the promotion is somehow tied into Microsoft's E3 press conference later today.

Lionhead has confirmed Fable Anniversary for release on Xbox 360 this Christmas. The re-release is Ted Timmins a complete HD update featuring new Achievements, leaderboards and full 1080p visuals with lighting and animation powered by Unreal Engine 3.

The release will also include all content from its expansion, Lost Chapters, and use an updated save system.

"It's the game that the Fable fans have been demanding from us for years now," said Timmins. "Our art director has been working really hard to bring the game up to 360 quality levels that people expect... we're actually using Unreal 3 to render all the lighting.

"Then we've got a new facial animation system and new cut-scene animations, so all of the cut-scenes look absolutely incredible now - they're much more up to what you expect from modern day standards.

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