Patrice Désilets sues Ubisoft for $400k, control of 1666

Former Assassin's Creed creative director to face French publisher in court

Following his parting of ways with Ubisoft last month, Patrice Désilets has sued the French publisher for $400,000.


Désilets originally quit Ubisoft in 2010 to help establish THQ Montreal, having previously served as creative director on the Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia franchises. He rejoined Ubisoft when the company acquired THQ Montreal earlier this year, but the reunion quickly turned sour.

Last month, Ubisoft said Désilets had left the company after the pair were "unable to align their visions", but the designer claimed he was terminated and "unceremoniously escorted out of the building" by security guards. "This was not my decision," he added.

According to court documents obtained by Game Informer, Désilets is also seeking control of 1666: Amsterdam, the game he was working on at THQ Montreal.

Désilets claims that a clause in his contract allows him the opportunity to acquire the rights to 1666 and certain assets should it be cancelled. Ubisoft recently suspended development of the game "for an undisclosed period of time".

In a statement issued to Polygon, the publisher said of the suit filed by Désilets: "As stated before, the acquisition of THQ Montréal in January allowed Ubisoft to welcome 170 experienced developers to our existing and renowned workforce. Unfortunately, the discussions between Patrice Désilets and Ubisoft aimed at aligning Patrice's and the studio's visions were inconclusive. We received Patrice's legal request and will address it in court. We will make no further comment at this point."

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