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Xbox One vs PS4: The exclusive games

By CVG Staff on Thursday 13th Jun 2013 at 6:00 PM UTC

It's fair to say Microsoft has fumbled the PR message somewhat since the first unveiling of Xbox One, its rhetoric made even less palatable thanks to Sony's fan-pleasing DRM and used game stance.

But, for the many people who are still undecided about what console to nail their colours to, it will undoubtedly come down to games. Namely, who has the best ones - and which system offers the most compelling reasons to climb aboard.

Below we've compiled a list of every confirmed exclusive for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Which ones take your fancy? Are any of these exciting enough to have you signing up for the hardware right away? Let us know in the comments below.



1. HALO 5

Of all the CGI trailers at E3, Halo 5's was most puzzling. Where are we? What is that massive robot bird thing? Why is Master Chief wearing a robe over his armour? Surely it's air-conditioned? We don't anticipate answers to these questions for months yet. Let' not forget, 343 only released Halo 4 last year. Regardless, the trailer served a purpose. Beneath all the cloak and mirrors, the Seattle studio announced the return of Microsoft's flagship franchise. For those doubting the worth of Xbox One, Halo's reveal was a reminder of what lies ahead.



Despite the massive robots, there was something of the Call of Duty about Titanfall. That's hardly surprising, given developer Respawn is essentially Infinity Ward under a different name. Like CoD, the game ran at 60fps. It shared a gritty colour palette. Even the weapon feedback and crosshairs looked similar. But the mechs switch it up. They have the capacity to add different layers of combat: men vs men, mechs vs mechs, and men vs mechs. The last could be lopsided, but generous superhuman parkour abilities level the playing field.



At first glance this doesn't look much like Dead Rising, with a disappointingly drab, brown art style. But that aside, it seems to be sticking to the established formula of the series. There's a time limit, you can stick things together to create monstrous weapons (in the trailer we see a circular saw/sledgehammer combo), and there are, naturally, massive crowds of zombies to slaughter and torment. This is the first game without the input of series creator Keiji Inafune, but Capcom Vancouver did an excellent job with Dead Rising 2, so it's in good hands. It's the biggest world yet, with the fictional city of Los Perdidos, California looking impressively massive. Let's just hope they keep the sense of humour intact.



Turn 10's phenomenal Forza Motorsport 4 might just have been the best racing game ever made, so Forza 5 rightly comes pre-loaded with insane fan expectation. At the Microsoft conference, Forza chief Dan Greenawalt had a brief, worrying arthouse moment as he talked about touching the paintwork, but then allowed in-game footage to do the rest of the work for him. Unsurprisingly, it looked stunning. Greenawalt also floated the idea of your 'Driveatar', a version of you your friends can race against even when you're not online.



Once a Kinect-powered Xbox 360 title, Crytek's Ryse is now fully tooled up for Xbox One, with the conference demo reimagining the Normandy beach landings as an epic scale Roman assault on a barbarian stronghold. CryEngine has given it a slick foundation on which to build, with smoke and particle effects going off like fireworks, castles crumbling to ruins, explosions, arrows, spears and screams of agony. And, like its clear inspiration, Spartacus, it's seriously bloody. The only question mark is over the sheer amount of QTEs.



The mysterious new project from Max Payne and Alan Wake creators Remedy will "push the boundaries of how people think of live action and gaming today," and be accompanied by a TV series. What happens in one will affect the other. The E3 demo showed a woman trapped in a time bubble moments after an explosion, and a character pulling her out of it. Deeply confusing stuff, but the facial animation is seriously impressive, approaching LA Noire's level of realism. If nothing else, Remedy always tell interesting stories.

With Street Fighter IV as competition and ultra-hardcore fighting fans to please, Killer Instinct has its work cut out



Rare hinted it would be reviving a classic series a few months back, and Killer Instinct's zombie-like rising from the grave provided a keen demonstration of Xbox One's video recording, editing and sharing. Microsoft also confirmed it would release alongside a custom fighting stick. But with Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue and Mortal Kombat as competition, ultra-hardcore fighting fans to please, and Rare sharing development duties with Double Helix - the team behind... er... GI Joe and Green Lantern - we fear this has got its work cut out.



As Insomniac kicked off its gorgeous CGI trailer for Sunset Overdrive, silent prayers were being whispered: "Please don't change the art style. Please don't change the art style." The developer's last game, Fuse, started life just as colourfully, but slowly morphed into a soulless military mess. Hopefully the same doesn't happen to this open-world free-running shooter, which right now looks like the punky love child of Mirror's Edge and Jet Set Radio. Getting the minds behind Resistance onto Xbox One, exclusively, is a feather in Microsoft's cap.



E3 this year seemed in a perpetual state of war, but between furious bouts of men killing men sat a curious little game called Below. From Capybara, the makers of award-winning IOS title Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, the trailer ran immediately after Battlefield 4. It was a brilliant juxtaposition. Quite apart from EA's shooter, Below appears to be a slow-paced dungeon-crawler, emphasising exploration over action. The plane occasionally switches from top-down to side-on, incorporating what appear to be co-op hack-and-slash elements. It's essentially Castle Crashers after a shot of novocaine. While still early days, Below looks to provide the 'kiss kiss' to a bevy of shooters' 'bang bang'.



This is Microsoft's take on LittleBigPlanet, and it'll be released as a free-to-play title alongside Killer Instinct. They're calling it an 'open world digital canvas' and the E3 demo saw a developer creating a beautiful-looking fantasy landscape in just a few seconds using Kinect voice commands. A showcase of player-made content included side-scrolling platformers, arcade shooters, and tower defence strategy games. It's a powerful engine and a welcome break from all the cars and guns, but it will live or die by the generosity of its F2P model.

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